CPSIA Series: No More Funny Business

by Walney on February 25, 2009

CPSIA and its effects have added undue amounts of stress both financially and emotionally to all of those involved. For this reason, I have tried to add some levity to the situation wherever possible. I’ve polled my peanut gallery for sarcastic CPSIA warning labels, CPSIA anthems, and CPSIA-safe nursery rhymes.

Today, however, there is no more funny business. I can’t even follow the rule of, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” because staying silent would mean that I condone the behavior of recent events: the ridiculous op-ed piece by a ‘reputable’ news vehicle, the hateful email sent under the guise of keeping our children safe, and the quarantine of books (yes, BOOKS) under a orange tarp in Nebraska.

And as I read these articles, I start hearing random movie quotes in my head like “don’t go near there” (Good Morning Vietnam) and “you need a mommy very badly” (Hook).

Oh, that’s right, old copies of Peter Pan might very well be under that orange tarp in Nebraska!

But this isn’t some Hollywood script that we’re seeing play itself out. We are not Will Ferrell in “Stranger than Fiction”.

The ending to this story has not yet been written. With each passing day, however, we continue to fall into a black hole that was created by special interest groups whose rallying cry to keep our children safe will be the very demise of this and future generations.

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