Whimsical Walney Is Heading Into A New Year

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With all of the new adventures I hope to have in 2016, I decided it’s time for a new overall look but would keep it in line with the existing Walney logo.

I went through a couple of freelance artist sites and decided to commission Fiverr artist caryn29 to design a new header for me in her style as a constant reminder not to lose sight of having fun while getting work done.

Every time I think about where fictional Walney would hangout (and where I would hold company meetings if I could) I envision a funky tree house sitting in a large tree in a big field of green grass.

I love the limitless potential of open space in nature.

So the details I gave Caryn were: treehouse, big tree, and field with grass. She came back with the “just right” illustration above.  I smile every time I look at it especially because she even included a tree swing!

This header also reminds me that a fresh start doesn’t always have to include grand gestures or proclamations. Sometimes it’s as simple as a whimsical illustration that sends a person headfirst into a New Year.

Here I go!


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