What’s Next Walney?

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From the looks of the site, you wouldn’t know that I started the Whimsical Walney blog back in 2008. Sadly, in an effort to upgrade WordPress, there were some… hiccups (that’s putting it politely). I tried to recreate the blog posts, but it’s not as straightforward as I’d hoped.

So, I’m starting fresh until I can recreate the 150 posts that used to grace this blog.

And it’s fitting since 2016 will be a year filled new things. I will no longer be designing Words to Sweat by’s functional fitness accessories. Instead, I will continue to work actively on the Hands On Hearts Academy project as well as a new idea that connects makers from all walks of life with the charities they love.

It was good, educational fun taking a fitness-focused detour but tech world, I’m coming home.

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