Walney’s First Use Your Words(TM) Giveaway!

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Having a business is all about “firsts” and with the help of a great lady (and blogger) who goes by Swistle, I have completed my first ever Use Your Words (TM) shirt giveaway. Not only was the whole process a lot of fun but Swistle’s readers were great participants. I really enjoyed learning which designs were their favorites. It also didn’t hurt that everyone really seemed to enjoy the designs.

A big thanks to Swistle for taking the time to test and review the shirt and an even bigger thanks to one-year-old Henry for sitting still for his now (in)famous photo shoot.

Also, congratulations to the winner, Fine For Now, who selected the Soy Pescador design as her prize! (Her winning the giveaway is a lesson to us all — she wasn’t even going to enter and now she has a shower gift for her friends.)

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