Snail Mail Still Holds Meaning

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Many years ago, I mentioned to a friend that I might stop writing him letters and he said, “Please don’t. Otherwise I’ll only have the Publisher’s Clearinghouse envelope to look forward to when the mail arrives.”

I remember giggling but also thinking that getting an unexpected letter or card in the mail is a lot of fun. A postcard is even more exciting because it usually means that the person is away from home and is thinking of you.

So for those of us who feel not only that snail mail still holds meaning, but also really enjoy travel to far away places, Postcrossing is just the site for us. (Thank you Swistle for writing about it, btw).

Basically you sign up and start exchanging postcards with other “postcrossers” around the world. The site even tracks where postcards have been swapped.

This reminds me a little bit of the Flat Stanley project, but is instead something for kids of all ages.

So sign up and send and receive some cards in the post!

P.S. Come back and tell us what you’ve received. We’d love to join you on your postcard adventures.

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