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Take Your Silly Seriously

There are always people who surprise me with their insights and Mike Myers is one of those people. We all know him as a cheeky comedian whose off-color characters make people belly laugh. When you see him in an interview, however, he’s much calmer than you would expect.

Pensive even.

I saw an interview with him recently in which the interviewer asked how he comes up with all of his material and he very plainly explained, ‘I take my silly seriously.’

And I grinned. I mean, what better advice is there than that?

So I went online to learn what other pearls of wisdom he has shared along those lines and found this:

“Silly is you in a natural state, and serious is something you have to do until you can get silly again.”

It’s great insight. So, let’s all do our best to ensure that children learn to live in their “natural state” and take their silly seriously.

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I was listening to the news last week and learned about a young man named Zac Sunderland who is attempting to be the youngest person to circumnavigate the world solo, and I thought, now THAT is cool.

I’m intrigued by his story because where many people are asking themselves ‘why are his parents letting him do it?’ I was, instead, asking, ‘what did they do to raise such a confident, capable young man?’ The news shows interviewed psychologists who discussed whether a teenager has the right skills to make the necessary life or death decisions, and people weighed in from both sides. Again, I was asking a different question: Does everyone has those decision-making skills even at the age they are supposed to have them?

When you read his bio you realize that he may only be 16 years old but he already has extensive experience sailing. As you continue to read about him, it makes complete sense to me that he would want to embark on this adventure and attempt to achieve this goal.

If you want to hear a firsthand account of his journey, read his blog. Even better, share his story with your kids and use his blog like a daily chapter in a book that is sure to enthrall them.

Zac: May you reach your goal and have safe passage throughout your journey.


Let Them Eat Felt!

We’ve all seen the play food sets — hard, molded plastic in the shapes of standard fruits and vegetables and a piece of chicken, cookie, or mini-pizza thrown in for good measure.

Well I say there should be no more plastic-y chicken. Let them eat felt instead!

Some of the freshest produce you’ll find is with GoBuggy, a wonderful online shop where you can purchase felt food with an international flair. There is some standard fare in the eggs, carrots, and lemons that she offers but I say bring on the Udon!

If it’s too hot for soup, maybe some pasta with shrimp, then?

It will be hard to resist as your mouth starts to water just looking at them so go ahead and take a bite by purchasing your favorite dish!