Oh the places we’ll go!

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“It’s not an easy thing, deciding what to write about inĀ one’s new-fangledĀ blog, so I have polled the peanut gallery (i.e., my family and friends) and each has reminded me that the best approach is to stick to the basics.

The best way to do that is to use the mission of Whimsical Walney as my guide. I have therefore decided to talk about ideas, products, and general advice (both given and received) that let children play.

I will also be tracking the various adventures I encounter as a result of having this business. While most hope for smooth sailing, I’m actually anxious to see what ‘not so funny at the time, but now it’s hee-larious’ things that will happen to me.

Stayed tuned, this is sure to be an “E ticket” ride.


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