Let’s Play Capture The Flag

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Picture this: A warm summer day, lemonade and snacks on a table in front of the house, children plotting with each other on how to enter the other team’s territory, secure their opponent’s flag, and make it back to their home base.

It was a time when we knew no gender, only who could run the fastest or be the best lookout. It was a time when the only “”us versus them”” was based solely on which team you called your own. There were no cool kids, there were no geeks. There were only children hoping to keep dusk at bay while we ran through the neighborhood in search of whatever object we’d decided was the flag for that day.

Children across the world play their version of capture the flag so it’s fitting that Whimsical Walney’s Flags of the World tops were inspired by such a beloved childhood game. With wash and wear, the flag will even get a distressed look to it just as the well-worn game flag would have after hours of play.

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