San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair is this coming Saturday

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I will have a booth at the San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair this Saturday (5/24) at Fort Mason.  Having neither attended nor participated in this fair before it’s like a blind date that a trusted co-worker orchestrated. It’s an odd feeling, so I have been thinking a lot about what I need to have with me. Each time I think about it, I seem to remember just one more thing I must not forget.

I therefore started a handy-dandy checklist, but those are only as good as the last thing you added before deciding the creation of the checklist was taking longer than the actual event will. I’m fortunate my set up isn’t too complicated because, let’s face it, with a 4 ft. section of the 8 ft. table there just isn’t space for visual brilliance.

I just hope that my pens have enough ink and that I make friends with the co-vendor who is sharing my table because that’s the only way I’ll get a bathroom break.

Oh, and please keep your fingers crossed that by the time the weekend comes, I still remember how to count to 10 due to all the counting and accounting I’m having to do now.

If you’re in the area, stop by, say hello, and check out some surprise items that I’m including in the event that aren’t offered online.

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